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Zeiss Photofusion & Transitions lenses - Photochromic lenses

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Fast self-tinting PhotoFusion lenses

Photofusion and Transitions lenses quickly adapt to any light condition from full sunlight to indoor lighting and everything in between and they do so in rapid time.

The benefits of PhotoFusion & Transitions lenses include:

  • Very clear indoors and very dark in sunlight.
  • Indoors and during the night they remain clear.
  • Outdoors on cloudy days, they react to lower UV rays and turn semi-dark.
  • In full sunshine the lenses are hit with the full intensity of the sun’s rays and darken to a true sunglasses tint.
  • 100% solar UV protection for your eyes.

Fast darkening with a fast fade back to clear. Whether in the sun or indoors get 24 hours of excellent vision with PhotoFusion and Transitions lenses.

Photofusion lenses
Transitions lenses

Transitions lenses

The annoying need to change glasses in different light conditions is a thing of the past with PhotoFusion and Transitions lenses. However the quality and performance of self-tinting lenses is incredibly important.

PhotoFusion and Transitions lenses adjust very quickly to the changing light conditions making them comfortable to use in all situations and become really dark in sunlight and completely clear indoors.

PhotoFusion and Transitions lenses are available in a range of attractive tint colours, perform well throughout the life of the glasses.

Photochromic lenses

Photochromic self-tinting lenses were originally invented in the 1960's and for a long time were only available in glass. The performance of photochromic lenses have now improved massively and are primarily sold as plastic lenses.

90% of consumers rate the visual quality of PhotoFusion and Transitions lenses as very good or good and are very satisfied or satisfied with their lenses.

Photochromic lenses