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How to find the right sized glasses.

Glasses sizing can seem complex but we aim to help you understand the measurements and help you find perfect fitting glasses.

Enter the measurements found on your existing glasses and we will show our frames with the same or similar measurements (we recommend selecting your existing frame size and the measurements 1mm bigger and smaller). If you cannot find the size printed or engraved onto your frame, you can measure the frame using our illustration below.

Side length is less important when selecting your glasses as they can normally be adjusted to fit.

What do the measurements mean?

The eye size is the horizontal width of the lens within the frame at it's widest point, measured in millimetres. The lens actually sits about 0.5mm within the frame material so the eye size measurement will be approximately 1mm more than the frame's inner rim at it's furthest points.

The bridge width is the distance between the two lenses measured in millimeters at their closest point. Again, as the lenses sit about 0.5mm within the frame, the measurement will be about 1mm less than the inner rim at the closest points.

Find your perfect glasses fit

cheap glasses frame measurements

Eye size mm   Bridge width mm

These measurements can usually be found on the side of your glasses frames along with the colour or model number but they are occasionally printed on the back of the bridge.

We will normally display frames within about 1mm of the size that you enter but don't worry if you don't find a frame you like on your first try. Glasses are not like shoe sizes so it isn't going to be an exact match, you should be able to try up to a few mm larger or smaller.