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Our glasses lenses and prescription lens FAQ


100% guarantee for online orders

If you are not completely happy with your frame or lenses we will exchange them and correct the problem, even if you made the mistake.
We are online lens specialists with opticians who have over 25 years experience. We are experts in online dispensing of ultra-thin and progressive (varifocal) lenses with many worldwide customers who have complex and unusual prescriptions. We can even calculate your optical measurements online, click 'measure your PD' in the 'lenses' menu above to ensure the perfect lens fit.
Our lens guarantee


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How will you use your glasses lenses?

Distance glasses/lenses

  • You wear your glasses all day but don't need bifocals or varifocal lenses.
  • You wear glasses for general, everyday use.
  • If you need glasses to see things in the distance, e.g. driving or cinema.
  • Your SPH/sphere can be a plus or minus power
  • You may have a CYL/cylinder and axis (an astigmatism)
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Distance glasses lenses


Reading glasses/lenses

  • If you need to read things close to you e.g. Papers, documents, a newspaper, etc.
  • These are generally for a fixed distance (e.g. to papers on your desk).
  • You will usually need to remove these glasses to see in the distance.
  • Your prescription will usually show a reading 'ADD' or addition
  • Your reading prescription will usually be a plus power
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Reading glasses lenses


Progressive/Varifocal/Multifocal lenses

  • Varifocal lenses allow you to read a newspaper, see a computer screen &
    see across a room or into the distance without the need to change glasses.
  • Essilor Varilux lenses will give you perfect vision at all distances.
  • Essilor Individual lenses give even clearer vision with enhanced field of view
  • Your prescription will always show a reading 'ADD' or addition
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Varifocal lenses


We use Essilor, the worlds #1 optical lens manufacturer as our preferred lens supplier and they have a huge range of options to suit all requirements.  Please click on the link below which will take you direct to Essilor's website to navigate your options and select once you are in our ordering process.


Essilor lens types and descriptions (Click Here)