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Gucci eyewear

One of the first designer brands to come out of Italy and become a pioneer of fashion, Gucci was founded in Florence by Guccio Gucci in 1921, and in true Italian fashion, began its journey by creating bespoke leather luggage, which is still an iconic collection that makes up the foundations of the designer’s reputation today.
Ever the innovators, Gucci gave the fashion industry a plethora of pioneering methods and materials such as bamboo, which was used to craft handles within their accessory collection. Proving its pole position in creating timeless designs, the iconic Gucci loafer is over 60 years old and it’s still an iconic collectors item today, being updated each season and coveted by fashion’s key influencers and a-listers alike. Designed by Guccio’s son Aldo in 1953, it soon become synonymous with the 'Jet Set’; a group of privileged and wealthy Europeans, and also with Hollywood royalty.  Click to read more

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